It is our objective to devise and implement a plan to increase cash flow, return on investment and create additional value for our clients. The key to success, in our view, is focusing on the fundamentals of property management - personal attention to client needs and creativity in problem solving.

We know that to be attentive and responsive, we must be available.

Merrill Companies avoids the common pitfall of over-assigning workloads to achieve unrealistic “fees per manager” statistics that compromise relationships. We are not encumbered by multiple levels of corporate bureaucracy, and although we have experience in multiple real estate markets, we are locally based and accessible to our customers 24 hours a day.

Loyalty to a building, and the desire of a tenant to locate and remain there, is very much tied to the level of service provided by the individuals tasked with its care.

We are committed to industry standard education and accreditation processes. The skills required to meet customer goals in an increasingly complex industry do not come without investment.

We give our people the freedom to accomplish extraordinary results, the tools they need to be successful, and the management support and training they need to grow.

Our culture is one of shared success, but don’t take our word for it. Ask any one of the satisfied clients we serve today about our commitment to customer service and relationships.